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今次闹大的主要原因 是证据指明中共在澳洲杀“叛谍”?


澳洲总理莫里森下令彻查中共渗透政界一事,打蛇随棍上,麻烦大家再推一次,致函澳洲议员促请国会通过人权法International Human Rights and Corruption(Magnitsky Sanctions) Bill制裁中共。今次闹大的主要原因,是证据指明中共在澳洲杀叛谍:

//根据澳洲世纪报(The Age)报导,中国情报单位透过陈姓墨尔本商人(Brian Chen),给予澳洲自由党党员、墨尔本豪车经销商赵波(音译,Bo“Nick” Zhao)100万澳币,要他投入议会选举,赵波1年前向「澳洲安全情报组织」(ASIO)坦承此事。然而,赵波今年3月在墨尔本一间旅店内离奇死亡,目前警方仍未查出赵波的死因。//

这个陈春生野心不小,他的任务是替中共入侵澳洲的药业窃取机密。初创公司Imunexus在深圳生物技术比赛中获得亚军后,陈春生及其香港公司Prospect Time就在2017年6月接触这间公司,觊觎它正研发抗体,揭示中国所举办的创科大赛就是共谍拣蟀的实验场。





悉尼晨锋报》指陈春生利用一带一路作掩饰进行间谍工作,他的香港公司Prospect Time International Investments(德鸿国际投资有限公司)与中国兵器工业集团有来往,并做极多国际生意:

//2017年5月,陈春生与泰国前总理英禄、泰国前首相颂猜会面,并与多名政商人士讨论合作。随后,他又前往马尔代夫,与该国副总统Abdulla Jihad讨论一带一路计划。2017年7月底,陈春生带领着一支精英团队访问了太平洋岛国帕劳,商讨价值1.5亿澳元的酒店开发项目。2018年5月,他也在菲律宾宣传基建项目。//

Prospect Time的联席董事王振海,被指与中共统战部有关联,还大打高球外交:

//2018年,王振海被拍到在一场活动当中,向维州州长Daniel Andrews的高级顾问Marty Mei,授予中国商人高尔夫球协会会员资格。在那场活动当中,王振海还被墨尔本华商Tommy Jiang任命为澳洲国际高尔夫球协会主席。《悉尼晨锋报》报导称,Tommy Jiang被认为有中国共产党的支持。//





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Dear Sir/Madam

I am a constituent of your electorate. As an Australian and Hong Konger, I am writing to you as I hold grave concerns over the rapidly deteriorating conditions in Hong Kong.

Since the start of June, millions of Hong Konger have marched on the street and conducted largely peaceful demonstrations on many occasions to voice their opposition to the proposed The Fugitive Offenders and Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Legislation(Amendment) Bill2019(known simply as the Extradition Bill) by the Hong Kong Government, which would establish an official extradition mechanism between Hong Kong and China for the first time in history.

The bill has been criticized by the Hong Kong Bar Association as“a step backward” and failing to offer sufficient protections for the accused. The majority of Hong Kong people are in uproar as they harbor deep mistrust towards the Chinese judicial system known for its corruption, disregard for procedural justice, and towing of the official party line.

Oblivious to the depth of animosity, Carrie Lam, the Chief Executive, and the Hong Kong Government ignored the protestors’ demands and ordered the Hong Kong Police Force(HKPF) to violently crackdown on the protestors. This is what led to the stunning and horrifying footages of police brutality— indiscriminate use of tear gas in crowded residential areas, aiming rubber bullets at the protestors’ face, violently shoving journalists who are just doing their jobs, and arresting seemingly innocent bystanders based on the colour of their clothing or age. To date, over1200 people have been arrested with many denied the right to be accompanied by their lawyer for unreasonable period of time and subjected to questionable negotiation tactics during their detention.

As the legislative and executive arm of the Hong Kong government show its true allegiance to China and its willingness to sacrifice human rights over economic growth, the people of Hong Kong desperately need assistance from the international community.

What is happening in Hong Kong is of critical importance to Australia. There are currently100,000 Australian dual citizens currently living in the city. Regardless of their political opinion on the ongoing situation, their safety is at risk due to the disproportionately excessive force and indiscriminate arrests that are being deployed by the HKPF to suppress the protest.

Hong Kong’s instability will negatively impact on Australia’s economy. Hong Kong is one of Australia’s most important trading partner and home to many Australian companies’ regional headquarter in Asia. It also acts as the middleman for many transactions between Chinese and Australian businesses.

The relationship between Hong Kong and Australia are intricate and mutually beneficial. Given the dire situation in Hong Kong, I would like you to consider to following measures to protect the people of Hong Kong, which would ultimately benefit Australia:

1.Introduce the International Human Rights and Corruption(Magnitsky Sanctions) Bill to the parliament. The previous attempt lapsed at the dissolution of parliament at April11,2019. The bill is based on precedents from the United States and the United Kingdom and it would give powers to relevant ministers to make Australia a safer place that values universal liberal values.

2.Include human rights protection clauses in the final ratified version of the Free Trade Agreement between Australia and Hong Kong.

3.Consider offering special permanent protection for people from Hong Kong who currently resides or studies in Australia. Many Hong Kongers are highly educated and value western liberal values. This group would be a fine addition to Australia.

4.Vet all visa and immigration applications from Hong Kong and China more thoroughly for the necessity of protecting the integrity of Australia’s national security as some applicants could have active contributed or complicit in the violation of human rights as part of the police force, HKSAR Government, or private companies(for example, Cathay Pacific’s management, which is terminating the contract of staffs whom have expressed sympathy or support towards the protest movement). Recent clashes on university campuses over the Hong Kong protests have also demonstrated that some foreign students neither understand nor value some basic rights we Australians cherish.

I appreciate your time and I look forward to hearing back from you about your position on my proposals.

Yours sincerely,

Your name

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